Thursday, May 14, 2009

11.5 weeks

Here she is again (we are hoping for a she:)  I went to the doctor yesterday for the Triple screening Downs Syndrome test, all is well.  We got to see all the baby's parts except the sex, which we will see in two weeks.  My husband saw the baby move for the first time, I think that it made the experience a bit more real to him.  I think that fathers don't really realize how real the pregnancy is until they see the baby and the mothers belly growing.  I was so surprised at how big the baby has grown in the past two weeks (3 inches yesterday).  Two weeks ago it looked like a bigger version of a little blob and now it looks like a baby.   
As for me, I am feeling better than I had been for the past couple of months.  Food is becoming more appealing and I don't feel the need to sleep as much although I usually have a nap in the middle of the day.  Also, the pool next to my house just opened so I will be swimming 4 days per week because in Cyprus, the chances of doing any other exercise outdoors besides swimming is impossible due to the fact that it is BLAZING HOT until October. 

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