Saturday, May 16, 2009

Three Months or Melons and a Headache

Well, I am three months pregnant now.  This is the time when common ailments such as the following are supposed to disappear:
Morning sickness or in my case evening sickness, I am lucky as I only hucked twice. 

The urge to pee in such large quantities that filling a 50 gallon drum in the space of two days could be possible. 

Sleeping until bed sores appear on your backside.

And my personal favorite, craving everything and hating the taste of it at first bite.  

Now, it may sound as if I am complaining, and I am but I am also trying to document in the most accurate way possible my pregnancy and if this means pissin' and moanin' sometimes, then I must.  
On the "glass is half full side" pregnancy has been thus far the single most amazing thing that has happened to me.  Even though I am growing somebody who I have never even met, I feel like I would, without hesitation give my whole world to them.  I feel that nothing in the world has made me strive to become a more grounded and whole person than becoming a mom.  I hope this is true for all the moms out there;)  Even when we wake up with headaches, craving melon and our favorite foods don't taste good anymore, we can remember our true purpose as mothers and women, that eclipses any ailment. 


  1. I am waiting for the time when you have to put the stretchy fabric on your pants :)

  2. Hey Moksha! I'm oh sooooo happy for you guys, how fun! But yeah, can't imagine the heat over there! Thanks for starting this blog, and can't wait to read and feel like I'm with you guys through this :)

    Best of wishes lovely lady,